Twitter finds its way into BHS clubs, classrooms

Bearden organizations have begun using a new tool for publicity this year. SGA, DECA, and The Bark have all created Twitter accounts in order to inform the student body of current events going on at the school. “That’s where the school is, and that’s where our students are,” SGA junior class president Madison Harmon said. Harmon is in control of the SGA Twitter account. She Tweets SGA news as well as general school information. DECA advisor Coach Adam Dyer created a Twitter to not only benefit DECA, but also the student body. Coach Dyer sends a Tweet before cookie sales every Friday with a coupon code for anyone that follows him. “We post the details of discounts, as well as details of when we go to competitions, so even if students are following us just to get discounts, they’ll see what we’re doing,” Coach Dyer said. Coach Dyer was given a tablet and an iPad by the Knox County Schools CTE department to use Twitter and Facebook to his club’s advantage. SGA’s tweets will be composed of anything the student body should be informed of, including Second Harvest updates, Spirit Week, and more. “Our whole thing this year is to work on communication, and Twitter is obviously a mass communication method,” Harmon said. “It’s easier than sending out one hundred mass text messages.” Coach Dyer is using Twitter to promote the sales of his club, as well as to promote his marketing class. “It gets our class’s name out there and gets more people to want to take the class,” marketing student Drew Hampson said. The Bark also has a Twitter, used to inform students of news pertaining to sports, events, and general Bearden news. Students can follow @CoachDyerBHS for discounts on DECA cookies, @BeardenSGA for SGA updates, and @BeardenBARK for school news and live scores from games.