SMAC sponsors freshman dance

After the first week of school, freshmen need a way to get involved in Bearden’s “social scene”. Ms. Angelia Ford has the solution to that – the Freshman Party. “It makes them feel a part of the school,” said Ms. Ford, who sponsors Students Mentoring Another Class. “It’s time for the freshmen to come in and just enjoy being together and getting used to coming to afterschool activities, hopefully. “It also encourages them to come to the game and gain some school spirit as well.” The Freshman Party is after the first home football game every year, sponsored by SMAC. The party includes music and food brought by the SMAC mentors. “Each mentor brings in food, either salty or savory, or a beverage, and then they come and attend the party,” Ms. Ford said. Starting during the fourth quarter of the football game, freshmen and mentors can head up to the school. The event takes place in the West Mall, while a few mentors hang out in the cafeteria. Some, however, venture onto the dance floor. “They need to learn how to dance,” senior mentor Kevin Hoang said, as he proceeded to the dance floor and began to break dance. The Freshman Party is also a great way for freshmen to get closer to their mentors. “She’s really awesome,” freshman Callie Dewees said of her mentor. Likewise, the mentors grow closer to their freshmen as they eat, talk, and dance. “I love these kids,” senior Beth Ann Stripling said. “They have such drive and bright futures ahead.” The Freshman Party was not the last of SMAC’s plans for this year. “[The SMAC board members] usually do a box or bag at finals, a test survival kit,” Ms. Ford said. “It’s for the freshmen to think, ‘Somebody’s done something for me and they appreciate I’m here.’”