Class of ’11 passes on advice to incoming freshmen

Before the class of 2011 walked out of Bearden’s doors for the last time, the guidance department asked students to give a word of advice to the new freshmen. These, in The Bark’s opinion, were the best of the best. Start high school off strong. This year matters just as much if not more than senior year. Don’t slack off your freshman year because you can not go back and change your GPA, which really matters in the end. Work hard from the very beginning. TAKE CLASS SERIOUSLY!! Don’t take easy courses just to be lazy. Take classes that will help you, and don’t get lazy on your schoolwork because once you do, you won’t have the same drive. Take as many AP classes as you can, even if you think you can’t handle it. Trust me, the scholarships will be totally worth it. Don’t let your grades slip; keep them good from day one. Study hard and pass all your classes with a relatively high grade. Be serious about school and grades. Be involved. Get into out-of-school activities and clubs, and be involved in a lot of community service. Take advantage of all extra activity in or out of school. It’s not worth failing any classes. Really, summer school’s horrible. Get to know your guidance counselor. Start in the guidance office before senior year, so that if you ever have any questions, it feels more friendly. Start preparing for college early. It’s never too early to start thinking about graduating early or college as a whole. Have fun and make the most of it. Be outgoing and do your very best at anything you come across. Ask for help when needed, and have a good time at Bearden because it will go by fast. Never allow yourself to not reach your full potential.