Marching band prepares for debut of new show Friday


Emily Price

The band practices in the cafeteria as they get ready for their first performance of the year later this week.

Every year the Bearden High marching band tries to come up with new ways to keep their audience entertained, and this year is no exception.

The marching band will be performing a “revolution” theme for this year’s show which will include music from Les Miserables, 1812, Simple Gifts, and Taps.

“It’s more recognizable music,” junior majorette Anastasia Mitchell said. “I like it better than last year’s.”

The songs included in the show are “I Dreamed a Dream”, “On My Own”, and “Do You Hear the People Sing” from Les Miserables. Other songs included are “Simple Gifts” and the “1812 Overture”.

The past couple of years have been different from previous shows because of the Bearden tradition of doing jazz marching shows.

This year, they are heading in a new direction again by playing songs more students are likely to know.

“I think that it makes people want to play the music more although the show from last year and the year before that were great too,” junior Shelah Watkins said. “It’s a lot more fun knowing the songs and music that we’re playing.”

One change the band will not make is their work ethic.

“I don’t think anything is really different; it’s just that we’re hopefully carrying on a tradition,” band director Mrs. Megan Christian said. “This year, they have a great sense of ensemble teamwork.

“Sometimes I step away and look and they’re being the band directors.”

The band is making a couple changes to their uniforms, including getting rid of their hats and adding more color.

A surprise they are planning is the possibility of opening with singing instead of just playing. They will also use props in the show for the first time.

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