EVANS: Welcome to The Bark’s new look


Emily Price

The Bark’s magazine changes its looks every year, but this is the first visual makeover the website has gotten since it launched two years ago.

Yeah, we know, there’s something different about us. Maybe it’s the clean, concise layout. Maybe it’s the space for polls and sports scores. Maybe it’s that nifty “breaking news” scroll across the top. You get the gist: we’re basically that person you know who got way better looking over the summer, or the fancy new house your cousin just moved into. That’s because we’ve made the change to the website services of SNO – that’s School Newspapers Online – who offer us, among other things, our own personal URL, as you can see above.

We have plenty more in store for the 2013-14 year other than just URLs, though. In reading the online edition of The Bark, you’ll see more features, profiles, reviews and op-eds than ever before. I’ll also use this as an opportunity to mention a new online exclusive feature: staff lists. Every couple of weeks, the whole Bark staff will be collaborating on a list of, well, whatever interests us – like our favorite shows available to stream on Netflix. You can look for that one coming soon. We’ll also be collaborating much more with our broadcast counterparts at BBN than we have in the past.

Finally, since this is, after all, a high school newspaper, we have a great crop of new writers and a handful of returning ones, some of whom are in new positions. You can easily check out the whole staff – and learn a little about all of us – with a click on the “Staff” button at the top of your screen.

So come on in and have a look around. We hope you’ll come back regularly, as we’ll be updating web content daily. Have a seat, make yourself at home, and enjoy (though we do request you take off your shoes at the door).

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