West ready for role as head drum major

With every new school year comes the chance for students to fill the shoes of the graduated seniors. When it comes to marching band, senior Kelsey West is stepping up to fill the vital position of Head Drum Major.

After the band directors, West has one of the most important jobs in conducting and leading the band during a performance, which is one of her favorite parts of her position.

“Conducting is one of my favorite things in the whole world,” West said. “Also I just love having that leadership role and being someone the freshmen and everyone can look up to.”

Filling the shoes of the talented drum major from last year, Jonathan Gonzalez, may seem like a daunting task, but neither West nor the other band members seem worried.

“I think she will be able to conduct with the band more, especially the freshmen,” senior band member Tina Pliagas said.

As a senior, West has been in marching band her entire high school career. Playing clarinet her freshman and sophomore years, she decided to try being a drum major after falling in love with the position during auditions. This year’s show “Revolution” will be a little different from the shows West has been in the past three years, however.

Some changes this year include playing more recognizable music, including selections from Les Miserables, and the entire band singing during the performance. With the new addition of singing, West has her work cut out for her when it comes to conducting the band.

“I’m really excited and am looking forward to seeing what’s going to come of it,” West said.

With West being the only experienced drum major, and excelling during her auditions, she was the obvious choice to be the head conductor.

“She’s going to be fantastic,” band director Mrs. Megan Christian said. “She’s very organized, has great leadership skills, and she’s very musically inclined.”

Added West: “It’s definitely a challenge, but it’s worth it.”

Through the mentoring of past drum majors, West has gained plenty of insight on how to be the best conductor possible and will finally get to show her skills during the first football game on Friday.

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