BHS administration preparing for new technology incorporation


As our world becomes increasingly computer reliant, Bearden is also advancing its use of technology. Most of the student population knows by now that they will soon receive new MacBook Pros, and this year will determine just how these computers will affect Bearden and its future.

TPACK Coach Mrs. Rachel Harmon is in charge of helping teachers and students incorporate the new technology into classroom learning, training teachers to use the new technology and work with students.

Mrs. Harmon said that in addition to computers, students and teachers will use Canvas, an online learning management system that will eventually replace School Fusion. Using Canvas, students can complete online quizzes, turn in assignments and essays, and participate in discussions. As for the classroom, students will spend more time completing projects and working in groups and less time listening to lectures.

“It’s going to be a roll out process first of all,” Mrs. Harmon said. “In some classes, you might see some radically different things; other classes, it might be more gradual.”

This year’s technological advances allow the opportunity for students and teachers to work in a team dynamic. Both student and staff will be a part of the learning process.

Working with Canvas, Mrs. Harmon may sometimes come into a classroom to help the students and teacher learn together. The students will work with the teachers rather than the teacher being the only “dispenser of knowledge,” Mrs. Harmon said.

“It’s more of a team type relationship between the teacher and student,” Mrs. Harmon said. “…The teacher has a lot to offer the student, but the student also has a lot to offer the teacher.”

The MacBook Pros will work like textbooks; students will check them out at the beginning of the year and return them before summer break. For most classes, the computers will replace textbooks, although not all textbooks currently have a code for online access.

In case of accidents and loss, Bearden is prepared with extra computers. Part of the experience, however, will be learning to cope when technology fails, Mrs. Harmon said.

Pencil and paper, however, will still be a big part of education. Many teachers also want to see the students’ work, and using paper will prevent cheating.

“The computer is not the solution to education,” Mrs. Harmon said. “It still takes a good teacher and a hardworking student.”

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