Crockett returns to his home in education as assistant principal


Emily Price

Mr. Rod Crockett works in his office last week. Mr. Crockett has returned to Bearden after starting his teaching career here 24 years ago.

Mr. Rod Crockett started his career in education as a math teacher at Bearden High School 24 years ago.

Two and a half decades later, he has rejoined the Bearden faculty, this time as an administrator.

Along the way, Mr. Crockett spent time at Dobyns-Bennett and Gibbs, but Bearden seems to hold a special place in his heart for him to keep coming back.

Mr. Crockett has West Mall duty in the mornings and has noticed a particular behavioral pattern among the students that intrigues him.

“I notice that at 8:25 the West Mall is just clean, clear,” Mr. Crockett said. “Of course, there are people who are running late, but everyone just comes in and makes their way to class.

“The kids are excited about going to class and it’s obvious that the teachers have high expectations because kids head to class way before the bell rings.

“This is phenomenal in a school,” he continued. “That lets you know that the mission of the school and the vision of the school is that education is very important and that they’re going to go to class and get that education.”

Mr. Crockett is doing a great job of adjusting to his new administrative position and learning the ropes of Bearden from an administrative standpoint.

“As a new faculty member, and especially as an administrator coming into the school, everyone has a lot of question marks and is wanting to know who this person is and how they’re going to react to the students and the faculty,” Principal Dr. John Bartlett said. “He’s done a really great job just seamlessly coming in and doing his work.

“He’s very efficient, very professional, and he holds our kids to high expectations and he does a great job.”

Mr. Crockett taught math for 12 years and is beginning his 13th year as an administrator.  He is two years away from completing his doctorate.