Dodson, SGA preparing for Electro Night to raise money for Second Harvest


Ed Dudrick

Parker Dodson is ready to DJ his second Electro Night.

Electro Night is a fairly new addition to Bearden High’s events for raising money for Second Harvest, and this year’s dance is expected to be just as exciting and enjoyable as last year’s.

For the past two years, Bearden SGA has put on the dance, which will take place Thursday from 8 to 10 p.m. Bearden senior Parker Dodson will DJ for the second year.

This dance is different from others because students who come will get to dance to new and old electronic music while also lighting up the West Mall with glow sticks.

“I’m going to go, and I’m really excited about it,” freshman Austin Maryanski said. “It’s going to be fun.”

Students should wear neon like last year to the dance because there will be black lights and possibly a fog machine as well as the glow sticks.

“It’s the cheapest dance, first of all, and it’s the most fun,” said Dodson, who is also the SGA electro night committee head. “It has the most energy, and there’s no experience like it.”

Added SGA president Katherine Krouse: “It is super fun wearing so much neon because everyone looks like highlighters in the dark. I just had a blast with my friends dancing around and having fun.”

Dodson plans on this year being just as successful as last year.

“I’m very excited because it’s what I like to do, and it’s only the second time I’ve ever DJed anywhere, the first being last year,” Dodson said.

Dodson produces electronic music and plans on going into the recording industry. He also plans on DJing in college frequently, but his main focus for this week is Electro Night.

“I really like seeing, physically seeing, other people react happily to the music,” Dodson said.

Every year Bearden raises money for Second Harvest with events like Electro Night. Tickets are $5 and are being sold during lunch.