Senior Superlative and Who’s Who winners

Here are the winners of the Class of 2014 Senior Superlatives and Who’s Who Awards, with Best All Around awarded to Chandler Greer and Amanda Pelot.

“First off, I’d like to thank my mom and my dad,” Greer said. “And I’d also like to thank my peers, my students who voted for me for that; it’s very honoring, and I plan to repay them in some magical way.”

“Winning Best All Around means so much to me,” Pelot said. “I’m very flattered my senior class views me as someone they consider to be best all around.”

Who’s Who
Isaiah Campbell
Tyler Carter
Bryce Edwards
Eleni Georgiafandis
Faith Goddard
Mackenzie Goff
Elizabeth Gore
Chandler Greer
Ethan Griffin
Alisa Harvey
Katherine Krouse
Kole Matherly
Lexus Norwood
Amanda Pelot
Tru Powell
Brittany Reeves
Olivia Riley
Lane Thomas
Kent Wakefield
Erin Walsh

Most Talented
Sam Arnold
Micah Riley

Most School Spirit
Brittany Reeves
Kramer Miller

Best Dressed
Anzhela Zayets
Parker Davis

Annika Goff
Marshall Carpenter

Most Intellectual
Vishaka Motheramgari
Garrett Malone

Best Looking
Olivia Riley
Drew Freeman

Most Likely to Succeed
Katherine Krouse
Austin Turner

Most Athletic
Erin Walsh
Lane Thomas

Mackenzie Howarth
Sean Doyle

Most School Service
Elizabeth Gore
Nick Anderson