Profiles: Harvey leads Bearden cross country team

Many people have athletic ability, but a person with athletic ability and the passion to go with it is a rarity.

Bearden’s cross country team has found one of those diamonds in the rough in senior Alisa Harvey, and they’re very pleased that they did. Harvey has already made her mark on Bearden athletics.

“Alisa is one of the hardest workers on the team, and she works hard to perform above and beyond the call of duty,” cross country coach Patty Thewes said. “Sometimes she is even paired with boys in competitions, and she doesn’t say it, but I know she is thinking: ‘Bring it.’”

Added Harvey: “It’s not training with boys that makes me a better runner. It’s running with people who are on my level or better that really helps me to improve.”

Harvey and the Bearden cross country teams travel to Bristol on Saturday for their next meet.

The competitiveness that makes her one of the most feared runners in the district also compels her to push herself to the limits in order to improve herself.

“Alisa’s work ethic is what helps her succeed as a runner,” fellow senior runner Tru Powell said. “She always shows up early for workouts ready to push herself to get better.”

One of Alisa’s greatest strengths as an athlete is her ability to have that mental strength and competitive drive and yet still maintain her enthusiastic and encouraging attitude. Her teammates definitely appreciate her motivational traits.

When a teammate is struggling or having a hard time in general, she is always there to lift them up and inspire them to continue.

“Although she is a great athlete, she is an even better person,” Coach Thewes said. “She is always lending a hand to help her teammates and when she is off to college, that is what I will remember most.”