Bearden students’ works of art place in Tennessee Valley Fair

Artwork from nine Bearden students received awards at the 2013 Tennessee Valley Fair Student Art Exhibition.

Twelve students in all had works that were on exhibit in the show from Sept. 6 to 15. The works were completed last school year.

Sophomore Karolina Simcic received first place in the 9th grade division for “Arabian Nights” which she painted as a freshman. This painting was used as Bearden’s prom poster last year.

“I was really surprised it didn’t get best in show,” Bearden art teacher Mrs. Anna Boyd said. “But there was some really amazing work there, so I can understand.”

Brianna Robinson placed in second in the 11th grade division for her photograph “Cousins.” Jake Collier won third in the same division for “The Bridge,” and Tommy Lane received third place for “Hung on the Shelf” in the 9th grade division.

Honorable Mentions were given to Ashley Bushee in the 12th grade division for “Seam,” Chesney Hensley in the 11th grade division for “Whatever Floats Your Boat,” Gabriela Jimenez in the 10th grade division for “Lonely Three,” and Esther Sitver in the 9th grade division for “The Stone.”

“They all are really hardworking students and I know they deserved the awards they received for it,” Mrs. Boyd said.

Although not all students won awards, all students who were entered had their work on display. Taylor Jenkins in the 10th grade division and Maggie Bendy and Lauren Pearman in the 9th grade division were chosen by Bearden art teachers to be in the show.

Bearden art teacher Mr. Stan Hillard said that this year he and the other art teachers had difficulty selecting pieces for the Fair show.

“We had a lot of good artwork to choose from this past year,” Mr. Hillard said. “So selecting the artworks to send was not as easy as it usually is.”

Many schools were featured throughout the show this year, unlike years past. In previous years, one or two schools would dominate the show, Mr. Hillard said.

Because of this, the artwork at the show was more diverse and there was more unexpected imagery, Mr. Hillard said.

“[There was] very good work as a whole,” Mrs. Boyd said. “It was an amazing show to visit.”

Both Mr. Hillard and Mrs. Boyd said that they are proud of the students who were featured in the show.

“Bearden High School is blessed with a lot of talent,” Mr. Hillard said. “A lot of talent.”