Staff picks: Favorite Halloween candy

There are a lot of great things about growing up: more independence, more social opportunities, driving, etc. The truly worst thing about growing up, though, is that, after a certain age, you can’t go trick-or-treating anymore without getting looked at like a weirdo or a creep. But that doesn’t mean that high schoolers can’t love candy. Here’s what satisfies our sweet teeth (sweet tooths?) around Halloween.

Twizzlers are probably one of the most loved and hated candies children receive in their Halloween bucket. Most people either love it or hate it with a passion. Personally, I never liked it as a kid, and I often gave it away to my friends. I started liking it about two years ago, and now it is one of my favorite candies to receive, and it is just a bonus that half the people I know hate Twizzlers and often give me the unwanted deliciousness. [Katie Matthews]

I really only like chocolate Halloween candy, and the best by far are Kit-Kat bars. I may do some overage trick-or-treating just to get some for myself. [Allie Gruszkiewicz]

Trading candy after going trick-or-treating was always the highlight of my Halloween. After carefully sorting my treats I was able to decide what I needed to get rid of and what I needed more of. When it comes to Reese’s Cups, I could never have enough. Their perfect blend of peanut butter and chocolaty goodness that just melts in your mouth makes it hard to eat just one. When I stop to get gas for my beloved car, Lucy the Bug, I often find myself purchasing Reese’s Cups as well. [Zoey Line]

While my favorite candy may not often make the Halloween stock for the vast majority of families, Zotz are absolutely incredible. Those candies are just fantastic. It’s like a miniature flavor and texture explosion in such a tiny package! There’s nothing I enjoy more. [Emily Price]

I could name off about seven chocolates that can be received on Halloween that mingle incredibly with my tastebuds, but they were all taken, so I went with No. 8: Crunch Bars. Crunch Bars are just crunchy chocolate, but they are actually kind of addicting. When you eat one, it’s not that great, but five minutes later, you go eat more of them until you’ve eaten like half of your Halloween candy stash and you decide to divulge in your sibling’s stash instead. Pretty soon he/she tattles to your parents and forces you to give them the rest of your candy. That is the power of Crunch Bars. [Graham Benefiel]

Sprees are no doubt one of my favorite kind of candy especially the chewy kind. I love sour candy and Sprees definitely offer plenty of fruity sour goodness, but the main reason why I love them is because my brother and I would always get several packs of them whenever my family would go on long vacations, and I will always cherish those memories of sharing my favorite candy with my favorite brother. [Litza Craig]

While I’ve never been a girl with much of a sweet tooth, my one weakness when it comes to candy is a Mounds bar. First of all, it’s way better than an Almond Joy due to its lack of those two annoying almonds that get in the way of each bite and second, any coconut lover would agree that it is the perfect balance of sweet, dark chocolate and fluffy coconut. [Hannah McElroy]

I’m not a huge candy person, which when I say that, I mean that I don’t actively seek out and choose to sit at home with a package of tootsie rolls (ew) or jolly ranchers (glorified cough drops). So when I do eat candy, I eat chocolate, and the best chocolate I’ve ever had comes from Europe that my sister brought home on one of her trips. It wasn’t even gourmet chocolate. It was comparable to our Hershey’s, which has never tasted the same since. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a mildly cheap and adequate replacement in America, and therefore, this entire staff picks list is lost on me. [Kelsey Kinzer]

I am really not that picky when it comes to candy. What kills me is when people hand out toothpaste. [Ed Dudrick]

It’d be impossible for me to pick a single favorite candy, but since I love anything that’s fruit-flavored and sour, I’d say Sour Skittles are pretty representative of my taste. They’re sour, but not so much that the flavor is lost or the bag rendered impossible to finish. Plus, when you run out, your sadness can be mediated by the fact that there’s a small pile of sour sugar at the bottom of the bag. And then you can be sad again, because you just ate a whole bag of Sour Skittles, plus the sugar at the bottom. [Jack H. Evans]

I love most candy in moderation. I do not like eating a bunch of the same thing. I like variety. Rainbow Twizzlers, Laffy Taffys, Caramel Kisses, etc. Around Halloween, I tend to have a fondness of Hershey’s tombstone-shaped milk chocolate. I have absolutely no idea why because I’m not usually a die-hard Hershey’s fan. It’s possible they taste better in that form or around Halloween. There may be a possible theory in the works by yours truly on that phenomena. [Taylor A. Johnson]